Senior Analyst – Client and Brand Insights

About the opportunity

In this role you will be working in the Client and Brand Insights area of our business, interpreting clients’ opinions and turning your conclusions into meaningful, strategic insights in order to help our customers understand and develop their brands. You’ll be advising leadership teams and senior marketeers at some of the world’s biggest professional services firms, delivering research and making recommendations that feed into their brand strategies. Typically, you’ll be working on brand benchmarking, client feedback, and message testing projects.

About the sort of person we need

We need someone who is both an analyst and a storyteller, with the ability to zoom into the detail and zoom out to the bigger picture. We need you to sift through qualitative and quantitative research, join the dots, and get to the insights that matter to our customers, building compelling stories and having the confidence to make recommendations. Client-facing experience with senior stakeholders is a must have, experience in the professional services industry is desirable, and experience in management consulting is a plus. In any case, what we need is a bright, intellectually confident person with either consulting experience and an interest in brand research, or experience in brand research and an interest in professional services.

Your responsibilities will include:

Analysis and interpretation: You’ll need to make sense of large amounts of data (both qualitative and quantitative) and tease out the stories and trends hidden within it. You’ll need to figure out the “so what?” and tell a story that helps our customers understand the key messages of the research. Part of this will involve developing a good understanding of the professional services market, including sector-wide trends and what’s going on in specific firms, to help you make recommendations with confidence.

Writing: You’ll be writing reports (in PowerPoint or Word format) that conform to Source’s house style and uphold the integrity of our research, but which also shimmer with personality and brilliance.

Presentations: You’ll create presentations for customers to explain our findings and to answer their questions. You need to be comfortable using PowerPoint to create engaging and informative presentations and delivering these to audiences of all shapes and sizes.

Blogging: We need someone who isn’t afraid to take a view on something, and who likes the idea of writing their ideas up into blogs for our website to entertain and entice our readership.

Project management: You won’t be managing risk logs or creating status reports, but you will be responsible for ensuring projects are delivered to customers on time.

Interviews: You’ll conduct research interviews, typically with either consulting firms or their clients, over the telephone or face to face.

Reviewing: Occasionally we might need you to review, sense-check, or edit other people’s reports.


We want our organisation to consist of people who:

  • Are generous with their time in order to help each other (and our customers) succeed
  • Take the wheel when needed
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Can always be objective and honest
  • Keep an eye on the future
  • Are always professional
  • Have a sense of fairness
  • Trust each other
  • Ask, listen and hear
  • Are approachable
  • Are curious, and who want to learn
  • Are constantly looking for ways to improve things (products and processes)
  • Develop products we can be proud of
  • Have an intuitive sense of what’s important
  • Demonstrate leadership by example
  • Laugh a lot

Source is an equal opportunities employer and will provide reasonable support to disabled applicants throughout the recruitment process. Please contact to identify any additional support that you might require to enable you to make an application. 

Please note that we will ask the successful candidate to complete a criminal record self-disclosure form.

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