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Time to get serious about “Project Tech”

Published Jul 2020

You’ve heard of Legal Tech. You’ve heard of FinTech. Now, after several false starts, we believe it is finally time to start talking about “Project Tech”.

Consulting firms have historically been slow to embrace new technology and incorporate it into their ways of working. If you went back in time to the early 90s, found a senior partner at one of the big strategy houses, and asked them to lead a modern day client engagement, you’d
probably find that they could get by without too many major issues.

However, that may be about to change. There is now a thriving market for solutions designed specifically to support the delivery of projects—and firms are, slowly but surely, starting to think about how these solutions might impact the way that they work.

The primary effect of this technology, so far, has been to boost the ef ficiency of consulting work and enable firms to make better use of their resources. But in the long-run, it may lead to a much more drastic reshaping of the industry, perhaps even ushering in a new era of standardisation and conformity in consulting work. This white paper explores the different ways in which firms are using "Project Tech" and what it means for the future of consulting.