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Perceptions of Risk Firms in 2021

Published Aug 2021

Based on our extensive client survey, this report reveals what senior end-users in the US think about the world’s leading risk firms. The report contains a detailed analysis of the client journey, and examines how clients see firms differently as they move from awareness, to shortlisting, to then becoming direct clients and heavy users of a firm.

Created to provide you with a snapshot of client views within the risk market, and to help you understand how your brand is perceived, the report also includes rankings of the leading firms for aided awareness, competitive resilience, quality of work, and value added, along with individual profiles of the firms featured, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

This year’s report also features new and exclusive analysis of your brand: Using our ‘brand barometer’ methodology, we’ve added rankings of firm by their current overall brand score, which factors in which firms are first choice with clients, and which brands are seen as leading authorities on the most pressing issues of clients today. The report also features the future readiness score of leading firms: This not only tells you how well your brand is performing now, but how well-positioned you are in the services we think will grow most strongly in the near future.  

This new section, together with our usual client perceptions methodology, and a presentation tailored to your firm, will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how your brand is performing in the eyes of clients, where you should be focusing your strategic efforts and investments, and how you are stacking up against your nearest competitors.  

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