Who we are

We’re a team of brilliant people that come together every day to find answers to the professional services industry’s greatest challenges. Come and join us.

This is us

We want our organisation to consist of people who:

Are always professional

Take the wheel when needed

Have a positive attitude

Are always objective and honest

Keep an eye on the future

Are generous with their time in order to help others succeed

Have a sense of fairness

Trust each other

Ask, listen and hear

Are approachable

Are curious, and who want to learn

Are constantly looking for ways to improve things

Develop products we can be proud of

Have an intuitive sense of what's important

Demonstrate leadership by example

Laugh a lot

Our story

The starting point

Like all great business stories, ours has humble beginnings. In place of a garage in Silicon Valley, we had a sofa in London. Having spent the first two or three years since our creation in 2007 following our noses, chasing our tails, and wondering if the sky was actually going to fall in, we wound up on a sofa in Fiona’s front room, trying to figure out what to do next. And it was there and then that we decided we were going to become the world’s leading provider of information about the management consulting industry. Yes, that’s right folks: We freely and willingly decided to make customers of management consultants. Hadn’t our mothers warned us against reckless decisions like this?

The starting point

Our first home

Having lead an itinerant life for a couple of years, in 2009 we finally settled down in a little office at the top end of Bishopsgate in London. It wasn’t much, and the few charms it had were offset by the fact that late-night revellers liked to use our back door as an impromptu toilet, but it backed on to the magnificent old Spitalfields market, put us a stone’s throw from many of the consulting firms we had started working with, and was a place to call home.

Our first home


Jodi had been working for us for a few years when she announced that her husband, Matt, had been offered an exciting new job in Dubai, and that they’d be moving out there in 2010. The timing was good – growth starved European and American consultants were making a bee-line for the hot markets of the Middle East - and so we decided to set up an office there. Or at least a desk. That ushered in a period of regular trips to the Middle East, and a serious uptick in the quality of handbags knocking around the Source office.


The long walk along the Bosporus

In early 2014, Joe and his wife spent a long weekend in Istanbul and came back raving about it. On the spur of the moment we announced that we’d take the whole team there if we hit our sales target by the end of June. We hit it by the end of May, and so began the Source tradition now known as 'Source Miles', which allows anyone who’s been with the company for more than five years to pick a destination and put it to the vote.

The long walk along the Bosporus


Not that sort! 2014 was also the year we first created our Global Data Model, a model that we now believe to be the biggest and most sophisticated of its kind in existence but which, back then, was most notable for making Excel go “Ouch, stop it!” a lot. Before falling on the floor and crying. By this point, we’d moved down the road to King William St and were single-handedly keeping our nearest South-East Asian soup joint (Nusa) in business.


For Queen and country

St Dunstan’s Hill (we like moving) and our team had grown to about 25 people. This made it all the more difficult to work out who should go to Buckingham Palace to accept our Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, which was conferred in recognition of the rapid growth in our export business over the previous few years.

For Queen and country

Joining the 4% club

2017 was the year when we moved again (gotta love moving), to the unfortunately-named Little Britain, and became one of only 4% of businesses that get as far as celebrating their 10th birthday. Now almost 40 people strong, and with business growing right around the world, our research expanded into the audit sector. Recognising that few of our analysts were likely to have grown up with a burning desire to write about auditing, we made sure that we served cake every time we mentioned the word, and duped perfectly intelligent people into fighting among each other for the chance to write our next report.

Joining the 4% club
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