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And the winner is….

We are often asked what makes for good thought leadership, so we thought we’d share some real-life, high-quality examples. After all, ‘tis the season for sharing and for celebration…

Capgemini is a consistently good publisher when it comes to leading thinking. Within its catalogue it delivers a number of substantial reports that examine the latest trends in key sectors on an annual basis. This year’s World Retail Banking Report is particularly strong when it comes to its use of data and analysis. It leverages substantial research, juxtaposing consumer and banking leadership survey data to pull out some differentiated insights. Quotes from senior bankers add weight to the findings.

In Necessity is the mother of (re)invention Accenture explores a new angle on the transformation challenges faced by oil and gas companies by conducting robust analysis of the successful actions that “reinvention trailblazers” are taking to deal with the structural shifts occurring in the industry. Accenture is good at engaging the reader—an “in brief” summary on the report’s landing page does a great job of hooking in the audience with a tantalising reference to the potential value that can be realised.

In Empowered electronics service and support, IBM explores the pandemic-related pressures on a very specific audience—electronics service delivery operations. It draws on in-depth, global, primary research to identify key learnings and model the benefits of adopting a technology-enabled strategy. IBM’s approach to offering differentiated and data-driven insight ticks a lot of boxes.

These are just three out of many strong examples of thought leadership we’ve seen this year. Worth celebrating? We think so—producing top-quality thought leadership that delivers value to the clients who read it is no easy task.