You need to make ten years’ worth of change.
You have six months. Your time starts now.

The future of the firm is being fast-tracked by the COVID crisis. Changes that would probably have happened over the course of the next decade now need to be made much, much quicker. Some firms have already started to reimagine their future while others have yet to do so. We can help with that.

What if consultants didn’t start flying again?

The future of the firm is being changed by the COVID crisis. What was once unimaginable is now reality. Consultants, like the aircraft on which they used to fly, are grounded. But what if it stayed that way? What if working remotely became the norm? Could your firm survive? Could it even thrive? We’d love to talk to you about that.

The extraordinary firm

Consulting firms are doing extraordinary things today to help people, organisations, and governments deal with the COVID crisis. Imagine if the future of the firm was one in which they did extraordinary things every day. Imagine the extraordinary firm. We can help you do that.

Our purpose

We are helping build firms that are fit for the future.

We analyse the way in which economic, business, technology, and behavioural changes drive how organisations use professional services, and the implications that has for professional services firms.

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The Future of the Firm
Podcast: The Future of the Firm

How can consultants think more intelligently about their pricing models?

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Market updates
Market updates

Explore and understand the ways in which economic, business, behavioural, and technology change are impacting the professional services industry right now

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