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Will COVID-19 cause firms to rethink the role of their marketing functions?

Fiona Czerniawska; Margaret Cameron-Waller; Matthew Lieberman; and Fergus Navaratnam-Blair.

Consulting has, historically, always been an industry in which sales were highly relationship-driven; and as a consequence of that, marketing teams within consulting firms have sometimes struggled to demonstrate their ROI to the rest of the business. Now that COVID-19 has created a situation in which partners aren’t able to spend as much facetime with clients, many firms have found that they’ve needed to lean more heavily on their marketing functions in order to continue driving sales. In the long-run, this experience may act as a catalyst for firms to start rethinking the role of their marketing functions, and how they interface with the rest of the business. On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by Matthew Lieberman—CMO for the US and Mexico at PwC—to explore how one firm’s marketing function has stepped up to the challenges created by the pandemic.