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The Nordic Consulting Market

Published Mar 2016

Despite a challenging economic and political environment, the Nordic consulting market grew by a respectable, if underwhelming, 3.2% in 2015. This market may increasingly be viewed as a single entity by consulting firms, but our recent conversations with consulting leaders in the region continue to reveal four distinct markets, each behaving quite differently. This was apparent in their levels of growth with Norway growing more slowly with Denmark and much more slowly than Sweden. There were differences, too, in terms of the conditions impacting each market. While Norway dealt with the impact of low oil prices, Finland continued to struggle from its exposure to Russia.

In this report, we break up the "big" Nordic consulting market and reveal market sizes, growth figures, and forecasts for major client industries, consulting service lines, and firm types. And we discuss the most important trends that Nordic consulting leaders need to be aware of as they attempt to grow their own businesses in 2016.

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