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Assessing the impact of Brexit: Update

Published Nov 2016

Five months following the result of the UK’s referendum on its membership of the EU (and slightly less time since we conducted our last survey on the market) we felt that the time was right to survey consultants and their clients once again, to understand the impact Brexit has already had—and is expected to have—on the UK’s consulting industry.

Some broad changes emerge since our last survey: Taken as a whole—across both clients and consultants—there’s been a clear move into action mode, as Brexit planning (or possibly pre-planning) gets underway. There’s also evidence that expectations of a “hard” Brexit—in which the UK loses preferential access to the single market—are increasing, even if the majority still expect a softer scenario. If you’d like to talk to us about this research or the impact of Brexit on your business, please get in touch with Jo Peck who's happy to answer any questions you may have.