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The DACH Consulting Market in 2017

Published Jun 2017

It was a great year for the DACH consulting market, which saw very strong growth of 7.7% in 2016, taking the market to a value of €9,359m. Germany and Switzerland made the biggest contribution to that growth, although there were still plenty of opportunities in the smaller Austrian market. Germany’s fast growing economy laid the foundations for a successful year, and conditions were ripe for clients to make significant investments in their organisations, particularly with regard to digital technologies.

The report provides forecasts for the market as a whole, by country, and by industry and service. And you can now access the underlying data about the DACH market through our Global Consulting Data Model portal, giving you the detail you need and allowing you to create custom views of the market. It’s the platform on which a growing number of consulting firms are basing their understanding of the market and their performance within it.

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