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Perceptions of consulting – procurement view in 2017

Published Jul 2017

Though many consulting firms struggle to accept what they see as the intrusion of procurement departments into their relationship with their clients, the reality is that procurement isn’t going away any time soon. The most enlightened firms not only realise this, but actively work to understand how they can improve their standing in the minds of procurement professionals. With that in mind, our report reveals:

  • The top ranked firms for overall mindshare (how likely people are to mention them), quality, and value among procurement professionals
  • The top ranked firms by industry and consulting service.

It also offers the latest information about the rates procurement professionals normally expect to pay for a range of consulting grades and service lines. This report is designed to suit anyone who needs to know, or tell people about, what clients and prospects think of their firm, but it’s particularly aimed at people working in marketing functions. It helps them understand how their firm measures up against its competitors, how they can communicate more effectively with their prospects, as well as their existing client base. In fact, people who buy the report have the option of purchasing a licence allowing them to publish their rankings in our research.


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