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Assets and productisation: The hand on the mountain

Published Oct 2017

In the last few years much has been made of the extent to which new technologies will create new markets for consulting firms. But the hypothesis of our new report is that the real revolution may be happening elsewhere, in the application of these same technologies to the consulting process itself.

Aiden Brennan, at KPMG, set the scene beautifully, when we spoke to him about the topic: “Developing different ways of operating with clients is a hugely exciting and daunting enterprise. I used to do mountaineering, where there’s a danger that you can spend all your time looking at the next climb but being too afraid to get started. You’ve got to put your hand on the mountain.”

Taking inspiration from that, we’ve called our report The hand on the mountain. It provides in depth analysis, over 75 pages, of the way assets and productisation are re-shaping the consulting industry, drawing on a wealth of data including interviews with leaders from many of the world’s leading consulting firms, and a survey of clients.

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