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The US Consulting Market In 2018

Published May 2018

Though some consultants reported a shaky start to the year due to an uncharacteristically uncertain political environment, the consulting market in the US ended 2017 very sure footedly, with excellent growth supported by a robust economy and strong client demand. Although the new Trump administration has a knack for keeping clients guessing across a number of sectors, the unpredictable political situation quickly established itself as the new status quo, prompting clients to settle back into business as usual and get to work with consultants once again. Trump’s tax overhaul only served to encourage this feeling, generating an unexpected windfall for many clients who were then able to free up funds to spend on consulting projects.

This report contains the most accurate view available about the US consulting market. You get market sizing data, growth forecasts, and deep analysis, all backed up by extensive quantitative and qualitative research among consulting firms and clients.

You can access the underlying data about the US market through our Global Data Model portal, getting you to the detail you need and allowing you to create custom views of the market to suit your needs. It’s the platform on which a growing number of consulting firms are basing their understanding of the market and their performance within it.

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