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The Russia Consulting Market In 2018

Published May 2018

The past few years were tough on Russia’s consultants, with sanctions, a collapse in oil prices, and a fall in the value of the rouble all taking a big toll on clients’ willingness to pursue new initiatives. In 2017, however, the picture started to look a good deal sunnier, with most sectors seeing a slow but steady increase in consulting spending—much of it aimed at digital transformation—and big, global firms seeing their decision to keep investing here paying off.

Western sanctions are still a major talking point for many in the country, though the extent to which these are affecting the health of the consulting market continues to generate debate. Indeed, many consultants we spoke with say that sanctions have changed the consulting market for the better, forcing a diversification agenda and launching a programme of import substitution activity that has driven consulting demand.

This positivity should not be overstated however, as the market does not look to be out of the woods just yet: It is still less sizeable than pre-2014, and many smaller, local firms are continuing to find the market particularly challenging. It’s clear that the market is operating within a strong backdrop of geopolitical instability and that further economic disruption has the potential to impact growth in the coming years.

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