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The Italy Consulting Market In 2018

Published Jun 2018

2017 saw a steady increase in consulting demand in Italy, despite continued political turbulence. Indeed, signs of economic recovery throughout the latter half of the year allowed pent up demand to be unleashed, as clients began to look for support around consolidation, transformation, and especially around digital initiatives. The drive to exploit clients’ growth ambitions forced consultants to go to market in new, innovative ways. As a result, firms of all types expanded their offerings in the region to include end-to-end, full-scale transformation projects.

This report contains the most accurate view available about the Italy consulting market. You get market sizing data, growth forecasts, and deep analysis, all backed up by extensive quantitative and qualitative research among consulting firms and clients.

You can access the underlying data about the Italy market through our Global Data Model portal, getting you to the detail you need and allowing you to create custom views of the market to suit your needs. It’s the platform on which a growing number of consulting firms are basing their understanding of the market and their performance within it.

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