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Mega trends shaping the consulting industry

Published Jan 2018

The consulting industry is facing unprecedented change. Demand for digital transformation continues to grow at around four times the rate of conventional business services, but it’s also evolving as a market: If anything, clients are getting even more ambitious about what they can achieve. Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence create new markets for consulting firms, but 98% of clients think they will also change how consulting services are delivered. How firms go to market in this more complex environment is becoming more of a challenge.

These are the themes we explored in our research during the course of 2017. We think they’re so important that we’ve put together a special report, which summarises the key points of our research in a readily accessible format you can use in presentations, to stimulate discussion and debate with your colleagues. How you respond to these opportunities challenges will frame the success of all consulting firms in 2018.

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