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The South East Asia Consulting Market in 2019

Published Nov 2019

Consultants servicing clients in South East Asia reported strong growth through 2018, with revenues increasing an impressive 12.7% across the region, and though we’ve projected a slight slowing through 2019, growth is still expected to be around the 10% mark. However, experiences of the market varied significantly by geography. Elections threatened to make life a little more difficult for consultants in some countries, and anxieties around the impact of slowing global growth continue to linger.

This report contains the most accurate view available about the South East Asia consulting market. Underpinned by our global data model and interviews with senior consultants and their clients, this report will allow you to really delve into what’s going on in the market, and why.

The report contains market sizing data, growth forecasts, and deep analysis, all backed up by extensive quantitative and qualitative research among consulting firms and their clients. 

You can also access the underlying data, including richer digital data, about the South East Asia consulting market through our global data model portal, getting you to the detail you need and allowing you to create custom views of the market to suit your needs.

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