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Forecasts for 2020

Published Feb 2020

COVID-19 is disrupting the consulting industry to an extent that's changing rapidly, and as a result this report contains information on the potential impact of COVID-19, but there will be no forecast data in the report. Instead, with the purchase of this report, we’re giving you access to a responsive and reactive dataset through our data model portal that we will be updating weekly, in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the impact of COVID-19 through the course of 2020. This is in addition to our free, regular updates which can be found on our COVID-19 site.

Reading the forecast data in conjunction with the report will give you the fullest picture not only of the current short-term situation, but the underlying trends and developments in the market.

At Source, we spend a lot of time talking to consultants and, frankly, some of those conversations have been real downers lately. All over the world, we’re finding consultants who are more than a little anxious about 2020. And why wouldn’t they be? Yet we believe that consultants should not despair. This report reveals that clients all over the world are resilient; far from surrendering, they are fortifying the barricades and getting ready for battle. Even better for consultants, clients are more often than not inviting their trusted advisors along for the ride.

This report is free for those individuals who very generously give up their time to be interviewed for our research this year. These conversations help us cement what we’re seeing in the market and allow us to explore the opportunities and challenges that the consulting market is facing.

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