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Planning for Growth in 2021

Published Dec 2020

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been one of the strangest years the majority of us have ever witnessed. We’ve all experienced the pandemic differently, and the consulting market has been no exception. Our data has revealed huge variations in performance from a geographical perspective, and that’s why, this year, we’ve taken a different approach for the eighth edition of our Planning for Growth report. We’ve asked our analysts to use both their knowledge of professional services and their instinct for what clients want, to score five offerings* for their attractiveness, from the perspective of both client and provider. That’s what makes this report so special; it truly is the Source hivemind view of the most interesting offerings in which to invest over the coming year (and that hivemind has a fairly extensive knowledge of the market!). 

*We're using the term "offerings" throughout this report in recognition of the multi-disciplinary nature of what we're describing, and to distinguish them from the more traditional "services" that professional services firms have tended to think of themselves as providing. 

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