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Digital, Transformed?

Published May 2021

If any one story could be said to have defined the trajectory of the professional services industry over the last decade, it is surely that of digital transformation. But there is a growing awareness among consulting firms that the traditional way of framing this topic is no longer as relevant to their clients as it once was. COVID-19 has had a profound effect on client priorities—and has forced many organisations to accelerate their digital journeys. Consequently, the type of questions clients are asking in this space are very different from those that were being asked prior to 2020.

In order to ensure that their digital propositions still feel relevant to their customers, consultants will have no choice but to embrace a new understanding of what “digital” represents. This report examines how firms can reconfigure their digital capabilities, and adapt the way they take those capabilities to market, in response to this new set of client needs.

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