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The value of consultants

Published Aug 2021

In today’s consulting landscape, clients are more discriminating than they’ve ever been. No longer satisfied with impressive charts and PowerPoint decks, clients want their consultants to create real, tangible, and measurable value—value that persists long after your team finishes the project.

Generally, clients are highly sceptical about whether their spend on consulting services is actually generating a positive financial return on investment. So any firm that is able to define, measure, and ultimately create, real value is likely to find itself standing out in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market. 

In this report, you’ll find a framework for defining value in the specific context of the consulting industry; a guide for having more impactful conversations with your clients; analysis of the impact the pandemic has had on clients’ perceptions of value; and practical recommendations and advice for how your firm can create a compelling and differentiated value proposition. 

This report is free, though you'll need to either log in or create an account to download the full white paper; you can do this here.