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Building your top line: Four lessons

Published Sep 2021

The consulting industry is booming. Barely a year on from its worst crisis in history, consulting demand in the UK is forecast to grow by around 12% in 2021, twice its pre-pandemic level. Indeed, the global recovery has been so fast that a fifth of consulting firms are turning away work because they don't have enough people. But growth in a post-crisis market isn't guaranteed, as clients can tend to be cautious when it comes to choosing a firm to work with. 

So, how can you scale your consulting business? After watching many firms struggle to make the transition from niche start-up to sustainable business over the years, we think four lessons stand out, and we've outlined them in this paper.

This article is the third in a four-part collaboration with Alantra, examining some of the biggest challenges facing the consulting industry today. You'll need to either log in or create a free account to download the full white paper; you can do this here.


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