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The new consulting value chain

Published Oct 2022

The traditional consulting value chain is undergoing a radical shift: Clients want real, tangible value from every interaction with their service providers, and they want it delivered quickly. Firms are being forced to build and combine new capabilities, services, and products to deliver value and realise their competitive advantage in new and different ways. And the pandemic has only sought to exacerbate the situation by creating new ways of working, and by establishing the need for new resourcing models. So, what does the next-generation value chain look like for firms, and how can they set themselves up to ensure that they have the capacity and capabilities to deliver?

This report will explore the ways in which firms can use a variety of different tools, including their own internal resources, assets, and products; as well as tapping into external resources through the use of ecosystems, partnerships, and acquisitions, to meet their clients’ needs.

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