We are a leading provider of research, data, and strategic advice about the global management consulting industry. Our customers include every single one of the world’s biggest 20 consulting firms.

We provide them with the intelligence they need to make better decisions.

Source’s research is widely used across PwC to help us understand the markets in which we operate and to plan our business and marketing activities as effectively as possible. It represents the best source of territory-specific information and analysis available in the market today, but what’s really unique about it is the client insight that is packed into every report. That insight, interpreted by Source’s renowned analysts in a way that makes it both meaningful and actionable, is something we have come to rely on as part of our own efforts to anticipate the changing demands of our clients.
Rob Donnelly, Global Analyst & Public Relations Director, PwC
I found the material both insightful and easy to follow — the details were comprehensive and provided a very precise analysis of what a buyer is looking for to be well equipped to support strategic planning to help shape buying patterns for that region.
Erkan Volkan, Category Director — HR Products and Services, BP
Proxima is in the business of Procurement. As a leading procurement consulting and managed services provider we continually seek insights and data on the supply markets in which to support our clients across Europe, Asia, and North America. Source provides us with high quality research and commentaries on the professional services marketplace that help us deliver the best service and value to our clients.
Tim Spelling, Senior Procurement Specialist, Proxima
Richard James, Category Director, Proxima
EFESO uses Source's research to help support our strategic planning for the months and year ahead. We depend on Source to provide reliable data, information, and up to date trends and this is why we continue to use their research throughout our organisation.
Wiebe De Vries, EFESO
Source have proven to be pioneers in producing insightful and in-depth reports on the Middle East Consulting market where high quality data on consulting services is scarce. Throughout the past years, Source’s research into soliciting views of providers and end users of consulting services have provided insights that helped Deloitte and other professional services firms in assessing the effectiveness of their strategies, services, and thought leadership on the region.
Julian Hawkins, Partner in Charge of Deloitte Consulting, Middle East
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Growth strategy

It’s here that we work with the leaders of consulting firms to help them address some of their biggest and trickiest challenges. Whether that’s related to organic or inorganic growth, our analysts bring their deep industry experience to bear to help consulting firms chart a course through increasingly complex and uncertain markets. Find out more

Strategic planning programme M&A market scans Positioning and service propositions

Strategic planning programme

Our Strategic Planning Programme is a suite of reports which takes a detailed look at the big trends in the global consulting industry, interpreting them in terms of what they mean for consulting firms and who is best placed to exploit them. While some parts of the programme are constant, others change every year to allow us to respond quickly to nascent trends and new ideas. Find out more

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M&A market scans

We’re frequently approached by the world’s leading consulting firms to help them identify targets for acquisition. In many cases we have a head start: Our knowledge of the market and our relationships with its leaders mean that we usually know quite a lot about the acquirer, and their strategy, before we start work on the project. We take them from longlist to shortlist and on to in-depth profiling of potential targets where required. Find out more

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Positioning and service propositions

Most consulting firms think in terms of the services they provide to their clients, and base their marketing around explaining those services. Far fewer think about the features of a service that really matter to clients and the benefits that can accrue. Understanding this is what makes a great proposition that stands out from the competition and which clients will more readily buy. We work with the leaders of consulting firms to help them do just that. Find out more

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Consulting market trends

Underpinned by the biggest and most sophisticated data model of the consulting industry ever created, our work in this area helps consulting firms to navigate the ever-changing market place and accelerate their growth plans. Find out more

Consulting market programme Global consulting data model Specialised research and advice

Consulting market programme

A suite of reports which is available to buy as a whole or individually, and which contains the most accurate view available about the consulting market in an extensive list of geographies and sectors. You get market sizing data, growth forecasts, and deep analysis, all backed up by extensive quantitative and qualitative research amongst consulting firms and clients. Find out more

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Global consulting data model

Our Global Consulting Data Model is the biggest and most sophisticated model of the consulting industry ever created. It provides data on market size, growth rates, and forecasts across nine industries, 29 sectors, six service lines and 80 countries. Available to buy as a whole or to suit your requirements, it’s the platform on which a growing number of consulting firms are basing their understanding of the market and their performance within it. Find out more

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Specialised research and advice

When you need a very specific view of the consulting market or the opportunities that exist within it, our analysts can cut data to suit your needs, and provide analysis and strategic advice based on it. Find out more

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Client & brand insights

Client-side research has always been at the heart of everything we do. Now we’ve brought that research together – underpinned by an annual client survey which is the biggest of its kind – into a suite of products and services that help you to understand what your clients and prospects think about you and your competitors, and what it means for you. Find out more

Client perception programme Brand perception summaries Custom insights

Client perception programme

At the heart of our work in this area is our Client Perception Programme – a suite of reports based on our extensive client survey, which reveals what clients think about the world’s leading consulting firms in a number of geographies and sectors. We rank the leading consulting firms in terms of clients’ perceptions of things like quality and value. Find out more

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Brand perception summaries

Based on our client survey, our Brand Perception Summaries take each of the world’s leading consulting firms in turn, offering insights that go far beyond traditional brand impact surveys to reveal not only how well recognised a brand is, but what it’s known for and which other firms it competes with for the attention of its clients and prospects. Find out more

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Custom insights

We have a huge amount of experience surveying and interviewing consulting firms’ clients on their behalf. In doing so we bring both our independence and unparalleled market knowledge to bear in getting to what really matters and then distilling it into actionable insights. Find out more

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Thought leadership

Thought leadership has come to dominate the marketing activities of consulting firms, and with good cause: Our research with clients finds consistent evidence that good thought leadership matters to them, too. It helps them to do their job, to identify where world-class capability exists in consulting firms, and even to shortlist firms for projects. We help consulting firms to create better thought leadership. Find out more

White space Content reviews and topic analysis Bespoke support

White space

White Space - the standard by which the world’s leading consulting firms assess and benchmark quality in thought leadership – is a vital resource for anyone who writes, researches or manages thought leadership. Find out more

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Content and topic analysis

We conduct in-depth reviews to assess quality in sample of material that’s either random or defined by you, from single pieces to entire bodies of work. We can help you shape your approach to topics and understand what your competitors are doing. Find out more

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Strategic support

Our depth of experience in working with consulting firms to help them improve the quality and effectiveness of their thought leadership means we’re well placed to provide advice suited to your particular needs. Find out more

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