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Perceptions of Audit Firms in 2022

Published Sep 2022

Based on our extensive and industry-leading client survey, this report reveals what senior end-users in the US and UK think about the leading audit firms. The report contains analysis of the client journey and examines how clients see firms differently as they move from being prospective clients of a firm, to direct clients. The report also includes rankings of the leading firms, for first choice in audit, satisfaction, quality of work, and value added, along with individual profiles of the firms featured, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Created to provide you with a snapshot of client views, and to better understand how well-positioned your firm is to support clients’ needs, this report also comes with access to our new online portal, to allow you to manipulate the data to suit your firm’s needs; a bespoke presentation back to you and your colleagues to identify areas of opportunity or challenge for your firm, and understand where you should be focusing your strategic efforts and investments; and a firm-wide license so that you can share the findings of the report with everyone in your organisation.

You can also purchase a marketing license alongside this report, which will allow you to talk about your ranking publicly.

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