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The TMT Consulting Market In 2018

Published Nov 2018

Clients operating in the Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) sector were hit with significant disruption in 2017, though consultants were able to take advantage of their clients’ struggles to adapt to the difficult market conditions, and as a result the market experienced solid growth of 9.7%.

The market itself appears to be bifurcating between two groups of clients: Next generation disruptors that continue to break into and challenge the market, and legacy players that are in danger of being left behind. These two groups have significantly different needs. The disruptors of the market are looking for help to upscale their operations, especially in the back office, while incumbents are striving to keep up with these digitally-savvy (and at times, aggressive) competitors, by adopting new business models and changing how they operate in order to cope with this new challenge.

This report contains the most accurate view available about the TMT consulting market. You get market sizing data, growth forecasts, and deep analysis, all backed up by extensive quantitative and qualitative research among consulting firms and clients.

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