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The Financial Services Consulting Market in 2019

Published Oct 2019

The huge financial services consulting market continues to be an attractive prospect for consultants, with revenues increasing by over 9% in 2018. This is a market now worth nearly US$43bn globally—to put the size of this market into context, the growth in 2018 was worth the equivalent of nearly the entirety of Canada’s consulting market. The whole spectrum of industries within the financial services sector performed well in 2018, though the geographical picture was more varied: For example, the US financial services consulting market grew by almost 10%, whereas the UK’s market only grew by 5.3%, with Brexit-related caution impacting demand.

This report contains the most accurate view available about the financial services consulting market. Underpinned by our global data model and interviews with senior consultants and their clients, this report will allow you to really delve into what’s going on in the market, and why.

The report contains market sizing data, growth forecasts, and analysis, all backed up by extensive quantitative and qualitative research among consulting firms, and their clients.

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